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(sample) Mercy Not Sacrifice
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Blue Pony
Recorded July - August 2022. (I mean, like yesterday!) Engineer and 5th Beatle Adam Sweeney turns my hot mess into pop architecture.  If you haven't heard this, you're going to like it. The April Vanderwal-designed harmonies are worth the price of admission, and you know? There's just something about dangling from a rope around the neck of a flying horse in the moonlight... "houses and steeples, they fall below..."

Seriously, I think in my better work there's often an element of being swept away, like here.

The houses and steeples business reminds me a little of ... "Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls;
all your waves and breakers have swept over me."

Ps. 42:7 .

Rose Hips
Written about 1996, recorded May 2022. 
Listen, download, enjoy, feel free to share.
The gifted husband-wife team of Aaron Pruitt and Jill Townley, have graced our lives and our gatherings for decades.  Including their take on my tune. 


What began to transform the song, we think, though, was the moment Melanie Weidner asked, "What happens if you change the pronoun?"  (Yeah, that pronoun.)

Mercy Not Sacrifice from the Monday Nite @ Bill’s sessions 2006; mixed in 2007, 8. Never released; world-wide debut!  I remember thinking, didn’t we get a pretty nice version of this mixed back in ‘08?  And found it! (I was looking for the slinky in the bottom of the toybox.) And it’s nice!  Ladies and gents, from 2006 in all their glory, here are Derek and Friends!

Come To The Table

Recorded 2017; Adam Sweeney, recording/mixing engineer.  With Rich Vanderwal, Bill Norris, April Vanderwal, Aaron Pruitt, Jill Townley, Ruba Byrd. 


Thanks to Adam, and everyone for a stellar outing!  (We think you're going to like this!)  

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