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Some things we get right, like I'll Go Ahead, our December 1st song drop. I wrote it during the winter of 2008, and like so many of my better pieces, it seems like I needed so badly to hear the song, I just finally wrote it myself. 


Fast forward a few years…  on May 1st, 2011, Ruba Byrd had a birthday party celebration at West Hills Friends, her new Portland faith community. Her parents were there from Texas; her new boyfriend was there - me again; we surely sang worship music in church that morning, and rounded out the day with an hour or so concert after church, singing duet arrangements of our (then) current playlist; lots of my originals. It was a lovely outing then and a treasured memory now… but there's more: because Bill Norris-York, who engineered our live sound ALSO recorded us so carefully. 

I'll Go Ahead

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