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Bill Norris-York

Bill N-Y pic.jpg

Bill Norris-York, percussion on six tracks for this collection, including April’s production of Angel, Big Black Wings.  Bill is also, paradoxically, the quiet man, and if you want pictures, there are plenty but hard to get him alone: Bill’s usually the one in the picture with his arm around a friend, or a child. (I had to look to find this solo).  


Bill N-Y is big-time intersectional, moving it seems effortlessly between his day-job as an engineer for Intel, to his community at West Hills Friends, to his family - such a great dad - to his amazing percussion work for musical theater.  


Bill Norris-York brings sophisticated propulsive drumming for hard rock bands, for Derek and Friends for thirty years on stage (and four recordings); and for many many Stumptown Stage musical theater productions.  His friends and family agree:  Bill is a refreshing irony-free zone, and the man who literally makes time, one beat after another, holding the song together (the ensemble, the community) and propelling it all forward.

Follow him and he will keep you up to date on Stumptown Stage (and all his other cool news):

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