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Oxygen to the Fire: 

Workshops for

Worship Music

Facilitated by Derek Lamson


Does your congregation sing?  Or do they sit and mouth words?  Or do they check their messages on their phones?


Is Sunday morning music important to us?  Is it really?  What do we like about it?  

  • What do we love?  What facilitates the stirring of the Spirit?  

  • What keeps us coming back?

  • How can we as song leaders best help our communities worship?

  • How can pastors and elders build their worship experience and worship leaders?

  • How can you tell the difference between leading worship and performing?

  • What does it mean to worship?


Also…   what do we do when we’re stuck?  How do we move forward when our music is stale, in-authentic, or tired (or when we are)?  

And how do we get kids involved?


More questions:  Is folk music the answer?  Singer/songwriter originals?  Americana?  Gaelic melody? Native American?  Taize?  Spirituals? Old hymns?  New hymns?  Worship choruses?  Rock and pop?  Rotating leadership?  Song-teaching and learning sessions?  What’s the bad news about CCLI song licensing and what are you going to do about it?


Explore these and other questions with Derek Lamson and an outstanding rotation of worship leaders partners.  

This Sunday package is free to Sierra Cascade Churches* and includes 

  • A pre-workshop worship music survey of your congregation

  • Workshop leaders joining your team for Sunday morning worship 

  • Facilitated workshop after service, with

  • Presentations, demos, and samples of resources; music new and old, 

  • Best practices, success stories, ways and means

  • Q and A

*you have to feed us lunch, and if you’re a long ways off, you might offer a little gas money.

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