A Month of Sundays:  14 new or newly recorded Derek Lamson original songs, $2.99 ea. or pre-pay $25.00 for the collection.  Songs are released about one per month, including the Adam Sweeney co-production from 2017:

Also... everyone save the date:  Sun. June 25th 2023.  We'll finish the album, drop the last single, and have cherry pie at Derek's 70th B-Day!

Come To The Table 

Released NOW! TODAY! June 15th, '22.

Now this works but it's clunky on your phone:  there are two album covers on this page, and under each in fine print  it reads respectively "Come To The Table - the single $2.99", and "A Month of Sundays $25", which is the subscription to all 14 as they come out.  Both will download Come To The Table today.  Click under the picture for which one you want.  Get the single for $2.99; or all 14 for $25:  


To subscribe, click on A Month of Sundays, pay $25 at checkout, get: 

  • Come To The Table download NOW

  • 13 more songs, 1 per month through June 2023;

  • final June 2023 subscription delivery includes

    • Premium content on a mini-thumb drive; with all songs; (including surprise bonus material);​

    • the mini-thumb drive will be packaged in the album-envelope pictured, including Sue Scott artwork;

      • including photo gallery; artist's notes and credits on each song; bios and contact info; and more

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