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A Month of Sundays:  14 new or newly recorded Derek Lamson original songs, $2.99 ea. or pre-pay $25.00 for the collection.  Songs are released about one per month. 

New 8-1-22:  Mercy Not Sacrifice
From the Monday Nite @ Bill’s sessions 2006; mixed in 2007-8. Never released; world-wide debut!

(To download:  Click on the song title under the picture.)

(sample) Mercy Not Sacrifice
CTTT sampleArtist Name
00:00 / 01:04

Come To The Table, dropped 7-21-22.  Recorded 2017; Adam Sweeney, recording/mixing engineer.  With Rich Vanderwal, Bill Norris, April Vanderwal, Aaron Pruitt, Jill Townley, Ruba Byrd. 


Thanks to Adam, and everyone for a stellar outing!  (It's a really good production and you're really going to like it!)  


Enjoy the sample, buy the single for $2.99, or better yet, subscribe to the whole 14-song series, pay $25 and get a new song every month - some months two - through June 2023.  (To download:  Click on title under the picture.)

Also... everyone save the date:  Sun. June 25th 2023.  We'll finish the album, drop the last single, and have cherry pie at Derek's 70th B-Day!

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