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The song Mercy Not Sacrifice never made it onto Monday Nite @ Bill’s... you should hear it... fact it waited considerably longer than any Month of Sundays to see the light of day. Mercy not Sacrifice was originally part of Monday Nite @ Bill's, the music collection Derek and Friends recorded in 2006 and mixed and released in 2007- 8. In fact it got lost, no big surprise with four separate mixdown engineers; all of whom did the music good, no complaints; anyway, I found it a couple years back (looking for the slinky in the bottom of the toybox), and I’m like, what! Where've you been for the last 12 years? Wonder where this could go? And nice!

Never released; so world-wide debut! I remember thinking, Ladies and gents, from 2006 in all their glory, here are Derek and Friends: Mercy Not Sacrifice.

(Go up on the menu and click on ALL PRODUCTS to sample and download.)

Regards the lyric, Homeless Guy as Prophet or Anyway Mystically Important is not exactly new, but I could describe his pork-pie hat pretty accurately… plaid hatband. Long grey hair and beard, I know, I know… I also liked it that my narrator guy didn’t seem to have any money to give him, and that he missed his bus looking for a quarter in his pocket. But he looked up and the guy was gone.

Some articulate well read Quaker was trying to describe what kind of music the song was and said something about Dixieland, which was amusing and had a ring to it too… I mean, the guitarist was truly having a great time. To me too, this is another great example of how April’s voice acts as a kind of alchemy, transforming the song up to another level.

Love the chorus: “ ain’t your dreams, though your dreams can be so lovely, it ain’t about your vision, though without it you will die…”


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