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Pastor’s Daughter finally (with Nick Hornbuckle)

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

We just wrapped this and I wanted to get it to you. It’s called Pastor’s Daughter and it‘s a bit of a love song really. Here’s a little sample.

Nick Hornbuckle, (2019 Juno nominee for 13 or So), is my first cousin and a friend of mine. Notice the infinitely cool “evening out” effect Nick generates over my lumpy tempos. It took us awhile to get this done; Nick’s busy as heck with John Reischman and the Jaybirds - watch for tour dates - as he has been for over twenty years. Takes time out every year for the family reunion here in Eugene, just like me.

I like the little man in this song, he’s kinda like me… because he’s run into something that’s a lot bigger than the stolen kisses he had in mind… sweet as they are.

I thought it was done in late 2008, the song, but… something kept nagging me… later that summer, finally, on a hillside in Nevada, with jackalopes and scrub jays for audience, and the sun in the west, my guy, the little guy in the song got up his nerve to call her mom and ask what happened? Where’d she go?. So yeah, he’s on the edge of stuff he really doesn’t understand… all he ever wanted was to play a pretty song on the guitar and steal a kiss.


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