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Mark V: The Opera - 3 Yrs, 8 mos later, INKS DONE; John Williams rocks; I'm not sure how I feel...

Not lettered yet, but within a week or so, and it's the story in John's eyes. I just got the last eight pages of inks from him... I don't know what I feel yet. The VERY LAST eight pages.

I mean, John gets it right, consistently, but more than that, John is witty and engaged with the story in ways that continually surprise me. You'll see. The thing too, is how accurately if sometimes intuitively he reads the script. Just a little uncanny.

We will be in physical print by November 1. Yay Berkeley Press! Dude!

The first Portland metro party is at Chapters Books and Coffee for their First Friday Artwalk in Newberg on Friday, November 4th, oh, say 7:00 p.m.. Schedule it and be there: it will be an event. The um, Month of Sundays crew will be there also and we'll be showing off some of our cool new music to get the evening off to a good start. Artist John Williams, Brandon Buerkle, our letterer and digital editor, and myself will all be on-hand. We'll structure this with some reading, some book talk by Derek, Brandon, and John, and some q an a and discussion with the audience. We'll have copies on hand for folks that want a book. (We'll do drawings and giveaways and refreshments! It'll be fun!)

I have made arrangements for similar events in Portland and Eugene... I guess it's time to post a little tour schedule. I'll get that on the website menu soon... Big excitement, guys! Hope you can join us at one of these book events, they should be joyful...


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