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HNY! Good King David: 8 min. 37 sec. of musical mayhem

For you, for free, for fun: Live at West Hills Friends in 1998, with Bill Norris-York, Rich Vanderwal, April Vanderwal, Aaron Pruitt, Jill Townley, and Price Northcutt.

I said, "Let's prep an encore," and folks said what, and I said, "Good King David - believe it," I said, "Mike will ask for it..." There was no pre-arrangement, but when it came time to pound on the pews and ask for an encore, so it came to pass.

A Month of Sundays will be back with an original piece of rockabilly possibly late February with about 5 songs yet to record/mix/release. About one a month, right here... and all done by the end of June, about 6 months out.


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