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Hi... welcome back! Put on some earbuds, enjoy the site.

Hi... welcome back! The freebie for the next week or so is Jesus and the Boys, from See My Freedom Come (2004). It's embedded upper right, on the banner, and I know it's Maryellen's favorite because she asked for it by name, in '09, when she gave hospitality to me on pilgrimage. I played it for her with joy then and I offer it to you with joy now...

The big news here will be Mark V: The Opera, the new graphic novel in development, and I look forward to sharing my excitement with you all as it grows and takes shape. I'm thinking it will be so cool to release this new project - as good as I've ever been - to release it serially, right here on this site. I also think how cool it would be to have that regular serial release be coming instead from Barclay Press; I know they're interested. Stay tuned!

Occasionally and from time to time I expect to use this space right here - the blog - to self publish lots of pieces of writing, little and big, finished and otherwise. The thing about the saddle; the meditations on painting the cross on the roof; the columns from the archives about Africa, and the West Bank, and Oklahoma, and Quebec. Occasionally and from time to time, I'll feel led to rant about politics, or the church, but it's just that I'm a high school social studies/english teacher, and verbal, God help me.

Go check out the site. It's probably going to change, but this is a good place to start. Please leave me a note over on the front page.


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