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FREE, New, Sweet: Sophia (says…) Help Us Finish A Month of Sundays: 3 Songs To Go!

Sophia. Our new song for April from A Month of Sundays

Back in 2017 out in John Day, I knew I wanted to do something for my wounded, weary, deeply traumatized brothers and sisters at Sierra Cascade Yearly Meeting of Friends, particularly our younger pastors and leaders. You have worked so hard, Friends, we have worked so hard; wept our bitter tears, suffered serious losses and I am so sorry. I pray for your healing. This thing I have to offer is so little, a song, but it’s what I have to give, and if you like it I want you to have it.

And then sometimes the project grows into more than I knew.

You haven’t heard this one before, I don’t think, it’s called Sophia and it’s our April release from A Month of Sundays and it’s free to you all. With Sophia, we are up to twelve finished songs of our planned fifteen song collection. They’re all different, and we’re hopeful you’ll like a lot of them. We plan to be done in June, more on that below.

Sophia, you probably know, is Greek for wisdom, and in many Christologies is both feminine, and the third person of the Trinity: God’s Holy Spirit. Hagia Sophia, Holy Wisdom. How ‘bout that? Not anybody’s orthodoxy, I don’t think, but way popular. I like the feminine aspect myself. Someone had to point out to me also that this lyric is a prayer. I just hadn’t thought about it quite that way, though I usually know when I am Asking, and of Whom.

Yeah yeah, I see the “DONATE” button, I put it there because we’re trying to finish the album, thanks for any help. You still can get a free copy of Sophia from Soundcloud right here and now.

I also like publishing Sophia at this stage of the project, because the song represents the idea of the anthology so well. First off, because it’s not me singing or playing; I wrote it, I co-produced it, but it’s different voices than mine. I wanted to hear it sung by Melissa Thomas, for heaven’s sake, and played by Nate Macy on keys and flugelhorn. I like it that it’s a sort of torchy emo pop gospel piano song, and not a blues guitar chord in sight.

I also like it because it’s more or less on schedule: the April 1st monthly new song drop from A Month of Sundays, and another chance to explain how we’re publishing one song a month and NOT QUITE DONE, there’s May and June yet and three songs to go, and in process now; I’ll tell you about them right here.

So this is free. My hope is that you’ll enjoy the song. There’s 12 more in the can, and three more in process. Still to come is an April Vanderwal co-produced number titled, Angel, Big Black Wings (we’re all sort of waiting for this one); then a skanky blue love-ish song I’ll be singing called, appropriately enough, Bye Bye; then finally a last tune we’re producing from the ground up, here at A Month of Sundays - South (the Eugene team): a Christmas number with a verse from Ruba Byrd, called December Isn’t Easy.

Happy Easter! From Derek and the Crew at A Month of Sundays.


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