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Derek's music: Adam Sweeney to mix A Month of Sundays. New song BLUE PONY to drop 9-1

Through talent and guts and faith and an amazing capacity for hard work, Portland's Adam Sweeney has pushed his music - and himself - into some pretty rarefied places. How many of us who write songs have ever performed in front of tens of thousands? How many have flown their band to Nashville for the mix-down sessions on the new album? (Whew!)

So when Our Joel Bock, who was going to be our mix-down engineer, had to bail on the project, with regret, for personal reasons, first we say go in peace brother and take care of yourself, and then I said now what...? Our Nate said call Adam.

I said, "Pulleeze... Nate...! Adam's in Australia... Adam's in Hong Kong, or Manhattan...! Adam's a rock star," I said, "He's not gonna have any time for this folky diy indie stuff..." Heck, I doubted I'd reach him. So anyway, we just had lunch. Adam and I. He sure as heck is a rock star, and his new album is just state of the art cool, blow your socks off music.

My little project? He's gonna do it: he's gonna mix the collection. Woo-hoo! It's just a matter of having a little window and he's got one. I was so stunned: I only hoped he could maybe help us with the next one. He said I want to do it, I want to do the project. Then he said really nice things about my music, and I am humbled and I am honored and thank you Adam.

Do you guys know what this means...? It means we just hired the 5th Beatle. Literally one of the best audio engineers of his generation. It means we hand him our recorded "tracks" (stacked like loose lumber) and he gets out the tools and finishes each one; takes the loose lumber and builds a house: sets the volume levels, FX, EQs, reverb, excises the bad, raises up the good, scrubs the vocals; it's the vital last step before your ears... It is, as you may gather, a demanding and painstaking art form, and he's really really good at it.

I also know this, personally, because in 2017, Adam hosted me and a crew of six into his studio to finally get a definitive quality recording of Come To The Table... such a collaborative artistic success ...

...that I am fairly sure right there was where the seeds got planted in my brain for A Month of Sundays. With Adam on board, we have the whole crew, we're green and shiny, and I feel confident about us being able to get these gifts across these stormy seas to hand off at last to you. One (or more) a month until my 70th birthday, June 28, 2023 - next June. Go see what we've already got for you...


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