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Coming June 15th, complete final edition, all 14 songs...!

Updated: May 30, 2023

Two to go: one a love song for my first wife, and the second an encounter with an angel with big black wings and runny mascara. They're actually done: we're just putting it all together; I think you'll like them both. The thing with Angel, Big Black Wings too is that April produced it, and mercy! you can really tell: it sounds like pro cabaret. Tasty.

I could be forgiven for reminiscing here: it was after all, neatly 30 years ago - and three intervening albums - since we released Where Babies Really Come From in ... dude... 19-and-93 (!) Jill Townley and April Vanderwal were in on that one, too. Fresh out of college, with talent to burn, and they have all only grown. You'll see.

On a tech note, I think we'll try and make things easier: send $20 bucks to Derek with your mailing address and I will send you this new sleeve and all 14 songs, as wav files on a CD. Or ask for a flash drive when you send.

Be checking back. We're almost done and some special offers in the pipeline...


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