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August 1st Song-drop: Mercy, Not Sacrifice, by Derek and Friends

Sophie wanted me to remind you guys this morning we're releasing this collection as one song a month and to check back in about a week, August 1st, for Mercy, Not Sacrifice . They're all $2.99 per single, or buy the subscription... cheaper by the dozen...

I honestly get to say how pleased I am to share this super-cool piece of electrified old-timey, or folk-pop or whatever the heck it is.

I mean... who's that old homeless guy he meets there at the bus-stop....? I mean, really who is he?

When we drop this, 8-1, there'll be a generous sample on the website to give you an idea, but... this morning I'm just so knocked out by everybody's work on this: Rich on bass, Bill on percussion - and recording engineer too, btw - and April's brilliant work on vocals. We got tight as a band and had a good time and it shows... so just remember one a month guys, except when it's two a month, culminating in my 70th Birthday Party in June 2023........ to which you're all invited...


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