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Derek Lamson
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"...raw elegance..."

- Peggy Morrison, in review of

See My Freedom Come

(2004, Derek and Friends)

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Hi, Derek Lamson here with the great good news that A Month of Sundays, our new anthology opus of un-collected and newer Derek Lamson songs, is over halfway done, with now ten songs completed. I'm going to invite you to help us finish this with a little cash, but first let me tell you about the project.


A Month of Sundays is the whole cake, the whipped cream, and the cherry on top: it's the best of the last of the good stuff, and I say that who's still writing. But it's not just the songwriting - as fundamental as that has always been for me - it's about the people: finally getting to work with Nate Macy; getting another round with great musicians like April, like Our Juno-nominated Nick, or engineering gurus like Slim Novak. Working with artists like Sue Scott and Brandon Buerkle for the cover.


So congratulations first to a great team of collaborators! (There are close to two dozen of you now!) It's been a marathon, and thank you guys: the music is just getting so beautiful, and joining the ten songs DONE there's more under construction yet to come:


  • Sophia, (which most of you haven't heard yet) with Melissa Thomas, and Nate Macy on keys and flugelhorn - gives you chills;

  • Angel, Big Black Wings, co-produced by and featuring solo vox by April Vanderwal; (and after three decades of collaboration, you don't think we're excited to hear this!);

  • Pastor's Daughter, with Juno-nominated banjo virtuoso Nick Hornbuckle;

  • And two more!


It will be three years in June - A Month of Sundays - and so exciting to see the finish line - my 70th Birthday, can you believe it, in June of this year.


Music professionals get paid on this project. Here at the end of the album, we're working with some great professional sound engineers to mix and master everything we recorded earlier, (Adam Sweeney, Ralph "Slim" Novak; take your bows). These magicians are finishing the job - and they're on the job now.


Between publishing Mark V: The Opera last November and - at the same time producing A Month of Sundays, I discover I am now almost underwater with paying vendors and debt service! And I do not expect to be able to work this summer again for teacher wages either...


My best budgeting is suggesting a $2,100 shortfall to the finish line... which frankly doesn't seem like a lot right now... I say that who hasn't got it...


So... for the very good reason that WE ALL WANT TO FINISH this album, please send me a few bucks, we'll get it done, and I will send you all of them to you with both hands!


Thanks for your help!


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