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"Listening to A Month of Sundays. Mind blown. Stunning. Inspiring. Need to hug you and have a good cry. I am leveled, this is praise and joy, and it’s you. We will be giving this CD to every person we know..." 
- Anonymous Portland Friend

"...It is simply gorgeous. April sang it so well. I love the backup singers and the bluesy pace. And guitar is sweet. So pretty. One of your best. ..."

- Deborah Steely, in review of

Angel, Big Black Wings

from A Month of Sundays, (2023), Written and Produced by Derek Lamson)

Have you heard Derek & Friends music? 1993 -2006.  Sample, shop, download, 3 albums here.

Want to know how those song lyrics happen? Try
His Modest Debut:
Poems 1970s - 1980s
Sample here.

You might know a young person - like yourself - who'd like Derek's 1996 YA novella King David and The Desert Harp. Sample here.

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