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Derek Lamson
brand new

...and brand new music


OUT NOW: Click HERE to get your free download of Rose Hips, and HERE to sample and buy Come To The Table and the whole collection:
12 (or 13, or more!) songs to go: $2.99 singles, $25 subscription buys the collection; next monthly release August 1.

Campus Alert*, Breaking News, Eugene, Oregon - Gadarene Demoniac spotted prowling in Eugene's Pioneer Cemetery, blocks from the old Mac Court.
Find out more: film at 11!
* NOT REALLY! But we are 32 pages away from DONE! Coming late Oct.!
HERE to find out more.

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Have you heard Derek & Friends music? Sample, shop, download, 3 albums here.

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Want to know how those song lyrics happen? Try
His Modest Debut:
Poems 1970s - 1980s
Sample here.

You might know a young person - like yourself - who'd like Derek's 1996 YA novella King David and The Desert Harp. Sample here.

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"...raw elegance..."

- Peggy Morrison, in review of

See My Freedom Come

(2004, Derek and Friends)