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Blue Pony on schedule, drops 9-1

The fourth in our monthly series of new and newly recorded Derek Lamson original songs, Blue Pony is a big steamy pop-rock love letter to all of you creative types everywhere... or is it? Adam Sweeney's artful mix - hot off the press as of yesterday - makes all the messy guitar work come off as beautiful pop architecture. April, Missy, Ruba do excellent work in backup, and Bill and Rich on drums and bass are building the road under us as we go... Tomorrow, right here. $2.99.

I was trying to figure out when I wrote this... and it can be some challenging for me to find a start date for any particular song, because a piece might start out as a tuning exercise or a warm-up and stay that way for awhile, and over time become a sort of a study, or sketch. Some of course stay there while others grow and morph, quickly or slowly into complete songs. For me, the very place I choose to share this with other humans is often what I remember as, more or less, the birthday of the song. 2016? 2014? It was a little gig at WHFs and Ruba and I sang this as almost-duet.


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